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Multifunction Copier: A Smart Move When Economizing

If you want more from your office equipment, consider a multifunction copier that could potentially replace several machines in your office. Multifunction means that your copier is a machine that does more than just reproduce copies from an original. However, not all machines with multifunction capabilities are created equal. Your office productivity needs will guide you to the right choice.

Link Up

Copiers these days can be linked to a network so that multiple users can print jobs on it. If you have an office where each employee has their own printer, a lot of money can be saved by consolidating those printers down to one networked copier. There would be no more maintenance issues when dealing with the small printers and the cost for ink and toner in the office would drop dramatically because you would not be buying individual products.

Another networked option includes a copier which doubles as a fax machine. Employees could either send a fax from their computer or the copier could scan in the pages to be sent. The machine could even receive faxes as well. Other settings allow the faxes to be held in memory until you punch in a code for them to be printed. This is a great feature when you have confidential information being faxed that you do not want lying around in a paper tray.

Editing Capabilities

A multifunction copier could have the capability to edit images that you feed through it for duplication. Watermarks could be added to documents as well as page numbers, date stamps and more. Image orientation can also be manipulated with copiers that have image editing capabilities.

Colors and Graphics

A copier with multiple features could come with a color and graphics capability. The cost for color is more than traditional black and white but more cost effective in the long run (versus running to a printer shop) if you plan to produce a lot in the future. Graphics are often crisper with color machines as well so this is another factor to consider.

Other Features

There are a host of other features to consider when shopping for a copier with multiple functions. For instance, do you need a duplexer? A duplexer creates double-sided copies so that you do not have to copy just one side and then physically flip the paper over and re-insert the paper to copy the second side. A sorting bin can be quite handy for an office that must make many copies that have to be collated.

Does your office create a lot of marketing materials for sales and presentations? A copier with multiple functions such as transparency creation, hole-punching and stapling might be a boon to productivity. If there is a need to track employees and their copy habits, some copiers with multifunctional capability can incorporate a keypad so that employees would have to punch in a code in order to make copies. A report could then be printed as needed which logs in how many copies each employee did.

A variety of features needs to be contemplated in the course of shopping for a copier with multiple capabilities. By categorizing your printing and copy needs as well as anticipated growth, you will be able to narrow down your multifunction copier choices to a select few.

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