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Network Printers from Network Digital

Business offices constantly strive to cut costs and increase productivity and functionality and one of the best tools to help them achieve these goals is the network printer. It sounds rather simple doesn't it? However, this type of machine can be anything from a simple laser printer with network capabilities to a large multi-functional machine that can print black and white, color, posters, transparencies and so much more.

Calculate the Costs

When a business has a personal printer (typically an inkjet) for each worker, costs can add up. The wear and tear on the machine can be substantial because a worker is likely to print more since it is next to their desk. Printer cartridges are typically needed for both black and color printing and would require frequent changes as they do not last for many copies. Add the cost of paper and just the printing alone can jack up the office supply budget.

With a network printer however, an office will normally see a reduction in office supply costs. A printer of this type typically is built to withstand thousands and thousand of copies and uses ink or toner more efficiently. With individual inkjet printers, cartridges can cost anywhere from $25-$50 each and last for a few hundred printed copies. With printers that are network capable, better technology and multi-functionality is incorporated, usually with laser printer quality. The ink or toner for these machines may cost more than an inkjet printer but they will last thousands of copies longer, translating into big savings.

Increased Productivity and Reduction of Waste

Believe it or not, productivity actually increases when business workers use printers on their network instead of having a personal one at their desk. First of all, they will want to avoid getting up and down out of their office chairs often so they will be more selective in what they print. This translates to a decrease in paper use as well as realized savings in the cost of toner and ink. Second, maintenance costs on office machinery will actually decrease.

By eliminating individual printers for each worker, a business will realize big savings in office supplies and maintenance so they can actually invest in a higher quality printer which can be shared by a network of users. This higher quality machine should have a number of capabilities in order to satisfy the printing needs of multiple users. For instance, someone in marketing may need color capabilities for presentations while a secretary may need crisp black printing for correspondence and contracts. In addition, with a networked printing machine that can handle a variety of tasks, it will save the worker trips to a commercial printer for those occasional tasks that require higher capabilities than a personal printer may have.

From an environmentally friendly standpoint, sharing a printer in an office just makes sense in the reduction of paper used in as well as a reduction in electricity because there are fewer machines to plug in and power. All in all, a network printer just makes sense to a business office's bottom line in both cost and productivity.


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