Custom Consoles

Pair your folder inserter with modern and well-designed custom consoles to perform your mailroom operations efficiently and conveniently. We provide customized consoles on rent or sale perfectly tailored to the folding and inserting systems, according to your requirements and the size of the mailroom table. 

Excellent support for heavy folder systems
Professional design and sleek appearance
Available in custom sizes to provide appropriate support

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Custom Consoles - Overview

If your business or office space operates with folding and inserting systems, it’s time to upgrade your mailroom with custom consoles. These consoles are tailored to provide sturdy support to all types of folding and inserting devices, including heavy systems, and enhance their efficiency and lifespan. Getting custom consoles for your office mailroom is the best decision ever because you get appropriate storage space for all types of mailroom supplies, as well as reliable support and protection for your folder inserters.

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Custom Consoles - Features

Designed intelligently for office folder inserters, custom consoles are a befitting addition to your mailroom. From noise output reduction to convenient storage, they comprise every feature that makes them ideal for your business space.

  • Enhanced protection
    Perfect and sturdy support that enhances the efficiency and lifetime of your office devices.
  • No lifting needed
    With the support of industrial wheels with front wheels locked, custom consoles offer excellent mobility of your folder inserter systems in the office space.
  • Custom sizing
    Configure custom consoles to fit the size of your mailroom table and make it a classy addition to your office.
  • Convenient storage
    Get compact, hidden storage with the consoles, which let you store all your folding and inserting items and other essential mailroom supplies in one place.

Custom Consoles - Specifications

  • Fit for
    FP Folder Inserters of various model
  • Wheels
    Yes, with front locking
  • Storage space

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