Network Digital Office Systems Inc. Is An Authorized A4 Konica Minolta Printer/Scanner Dealer.

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Konica Minolta Bizhub C3300i

Starting at $65.00/Month

35 PPM Color Printer System

High Speed Network Printer
Prints up to 8.5 x 14 in.

Konica Minolta Bizhub 4700i

Starting at $55.00/Month

50 PPM B/W Printer System

High Speed Network Printer
Prints up to 8.5 x 14 in.

Best-in-class Office Printer Rental Services

Printer renting is a preferred option for many offices today because it helps them save office equipment costs and face no maintenance hassle. Whether you need to lease printers for catering to your small office needs or for a temporary business event, our printer rental services are what you need!

At Network Digital, get short-term office printer rental with quick delivery and hassle-free setup services in New Jersey and New York.

  • You can rent high-grade office printer services no matter what your business is. Choose from our exclusive selection of commercial-grade printers capable of delivering basic black-and-white printing tasks, high-volume printing management and scanning, and much more.
  • We provide highly affordable commercial-grade printers that help small businesses check their operation costs while delivering their elementary printing jobs.


Leasing printers from us leaves you with the hassle of reselling, maintaining, and disposing of them after the end of their active lifespan. Our printer rental services plan covers maintenance, so you never have to worry about necessary device repairs or upgrades.

Why Choose Office Printer Rental from Network Digital?

We offer office printer rental services specializing in printing, scanning, and document management to small and mid-size businesses. Whether you lease our devices for short-term office needs, peak season requirements, or events, Printer rentals from Network Digital are highly affordable.

Lower Costs:

Renting our high-grade printers at lower costs saves your business a lot of upfront costs. Whatever your office printing needs, we have the proper inventory to fulfill your requirements within your expected budget.

No maintenance:

When you get office printer rental services from us, you also get unparalleled maintenance and repair services during the contract period. Our team is here to take care of any functional issues or repairs on your rental devices as they occu

Avoid obsolescence:

Relying on our printer rental services helps you avoid obsolescence. Get the latest high-grade printers with technology features catering to your business needs without investing considerable funds in buying them.

Do you need an office printer rental for a short-term requirement, a temporary replacement, or a specific event? Choosing our printer rentals from Network Digital is the most effective way to reduce your business costs while catering to your elementary printing needs! Being a renowned leader in office equipment supplies in the USA, we constantly add new and latest models to our rental inventory.

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