FPi 2700

Are you looking to optimize your business’s mailroom operations? The FPi 2700 is the perfect choice. It is designed for small—to medium-sized businesses and has modern features like high-speed processing, versatile folding options, and user-friendly operation, which makes it an excellent choice for enhancing mailroom efficiency.

Capacity to process letters up to 2,500 pieces per hour.
Full-color touchscreen for intuitive operation.
An electro-mechanical double-feed detector is placed on each feed tray.

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FPi 2700 - Overview

The FPi 2700 folder inserter is a robust solution for your business if you aim to streamline your mail processing with a reliable and versatile folder inserter. It is a powerful folder inserter designed to handle various mail types, from invoices and statements to promotional materials and reply envelopes.
Its knife-fold technology precisely folds eight sheets of paper in half. The machine has a user-friendly, full-color touchscreen control panel that simplifies operation for all users.

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FPi 2700 - Features

The FPi 2700 folder inserter automates the process of folding documents, inserting them into envelopes, and sealing them. It improves efficiency and saves time related to manual processing. Here are some of the top features –

  • Intuitive Operation: The user-friendly 7″ color touchscreen control panel is perfect for anyone in your office for easy navigation and setup. With this, regularly used jobs can be easily saved for quick access.
  • High Capacity: The FPi 2700 processes up to 2,500 letters per hour and can hold up to 150 (load-on-the-fly) envelopes in the envelope hopper.
  • Accurate Folding: The machine has knife-fold technology. It can fold up to 8 sheets of paper in half at once, ensuring efficiency and precision.
  • Smart Trays: These can handle various paper textures and sizes, collating and aligning documents before folding and adapting to fit a changing workload.
  • Feeder Versatility:These FPi 700 folder inserters offer up to 3 feeder options: a standard feeder, an optional maxi-feeder for bulkier items, and a short feeder. These help different paper types accommodate various document formats.
  • Optional Features:The machine has different features, such as Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and barcode reading (1D & 2D). It helps sort and process complex mail and enhances functionality.

FPi 2700 - Specifications

Technical Data

  • Dimensions (Approx.) (W x L x H):5” x 53.5” x 26.2”
  • Feeder Stations:1, 2, or 3
  • Processing Speed (Maximum):2500 per hour
  • Folding Capacity (20 lb. paper):8 (V-Fold) or 5 (C or Z)
  • Job Memory Capacity:50
  • Weight:162 lbs.
  • Noise Emission in dB (REF: ISO 11202):<68 dB

Documents and Insert

  • MaxiFeeder Capacity:1200
  • Standard Document Feeder Capacity:325
  • Length and Width: 5″ – 14″ x 5.1″ – 9.3″
  • Max Thickness (Booklets): 0 mm


  • Envelope Hopper Capacity: 150 (load-on-the-fly)
  • Height x Width: 5” – 6.38” x 6.3” – 9.7”
  • Exit Capacity: Up to 500

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