Reduce the need for service activity on mailroom equipment with our line of FP mailroom furniture solutions.

Minimizes noise output
Modifiable height 
Distinct fit

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Furniture - Overview

Mailroom furniture is a comprehensive line of sorting tables, workstations, and storage solutions designed mainly for mailroom operations. It’s built with heavy-duty materials and durable finishes, able to withstand the rigors of a busy mailroom environment. This helps to optimize workflow and space utilization.

The modular design allows for customizable configurations. This ensures that the taller pieces of equipment are kept within reach, thus lowering the risk of injury. Enjoy the flexibility to fit in a secure platform, leaving your mailroom fully functioning and efficient.

Our Offerings

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Furniture - Features

Get this fantastic and sturdy mailroom furniture that comes with the following features.

  • Ensure Superior Protection
    Mailroom Furniture increases the lifespan and is highly trustworthy for your equipment
  • Sturdy platform reducing vibrations and noise output
    Our product’s strong and stable platform significantly reduces vibrations and noise output, making it a reliable and efficient choice for your needs.
  • Customizable Height for a better fit
    Our mailroom furniture is designed to be adjustable in height and available in custom sizes. It makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your workspace.
  • Appropriate Storage
    Big enough storage space to offer you easy access to all your supplies, ensuring that everything you need is readily available.
  • High scalability
    Depending on your needs, you can easily switch from smaller to larger files.

Furniture - Specifications

  • Holding Capacity – More than 1,000 lbs
  • Material – Aluminum frames

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