No more stress about the impact of power surges or voltage fluctuations on your valuable office documents! FP LC215 is the most versatile power line conditioner you can have in your office space. It prevents erratic voltage drops or boosts and regulates the incoming power to your mailroom equipment.  

Extends the lifetime of your office equipment.
Capability to regulate highly high voltages and low voltages. 
Equipped with multiple outlets to connect with more than one device.

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LC215 - Overview

Upgrade your office environment with the best-in-class power line conditioner FP LC215 and eliminate unnecessary tensions during sudden power supply disturbances, dramatic drops or surges in voltage, or electrical disruption during harsh weather conditions. This advanced power line conditioner effectively stabilizes incoming AC power by spiking or trimming the voltage to the standard service voltage range, suitable for your connected mailroom equipment or devices.

With captivating features like joule rating, AVR (Automated Voltage Regulation), and line noise filtering, FP LC215 will be your best office buy. Now, safeguard your expensive office devices from power fluctuations and prevent costly damages or data loss!

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LC215 - Features

FP LC215 power line conditioner is far more than a power surge or filter system. This commercial-grade power conditioner has remarkable capabilities, including AVR capability, that help protect widespread office devices, from computers and printers to specific mailroom equipment, from sudden failures and downtime.

Here’s check out the winning features of FP LC215.

  • Multiple device connections
    It supports multiple connections that protect more than one office device from surges or tumbles in the voltages.
  • All-around protection
    It protects office devices from power flow disturbances and voltage up/down to sudden power failures due to harsh climate.
  • Noise filtering
    It filters the incoming AC power noise to ensure no nuisance in the office space.
  • Joule rating
    FP LC115 lets you decide and set the level of power surge it will handle based on the usage and type of your office devices that it’s connected to.
  • Increases lifetime of connected devices
    By providing efficient protection from damages or errors in the connected office devices, LC115 extends their average lifetime.

LC215 - Specifications

  • Form Factor: Tower
  • Outlets: Multiple
  • Power Monitoring: LEDs
  • Input Breaker: Yes, Resettable
  • Physical size: Small and compact

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