Get the best-in-class power line conditioner, FP LC315, to safeguard your vital mailroom equipment from frequent power interruptions and minimize your downtime. This is much-needed mailroom equipment for your office so that your executives can work without the fear of losing sensitive data from the computers and printers due to power failure errors.

Ensure their operational continuity with a regulated power supply 
Safeguards multiple mailroom equipment
Regulates extreme levels of over or under-voltages

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LC315 - Overview

Buy or rent FP LC315 for your mailroom to eliminate unnecessary stress caused by unexpected power disturbances or voltage fluctuations. Whether voltage fluctuations are due to the power company’s inconsistencies at a time, bad weather, or an overload in the circuit, this cutting-edge power conditioner prevents damage to the electrical circuit of the connected devices in the mailroom.

This ultra-modern equipment can also prevent electromagnetic or radio intrusion in the power line, which means it helps in the seamless functioning of TVs, radio, and other multimedia devices during power disturbances.

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LC315 - Features

By maintaining the service voltage within the normal range, this FP LC315 power line conditioner helps prevent blackouts, malfunctions, or technical errors in your office’s mailroom devices. Check out its stunning features, like AVR (Average Voltage Regulation) and line noise filtering, that make it a worthwhile addition to your office or business space.

  • AVR
    It is empowered with automated voltage stabilization, stabilizing the incoming AC power during high or low voltages to ensure that the connected mailroom devices receive the power they are built for.
  • Noise filtering
    It has the modern feature of line noise filtering, which ensures a noise-free office environment.
  • Prevents data loss
    FP LC315 doesn’t let sudden data loss by preventing the sensitive mailroom devices from shutting down or failing due to power issues.
  • Minimizes downtime
    This power line conditioner regulates power voltages to prevent downtime due to failing or shutting down devices.
  • Joule rating
    It allows users to determine a joule rating, i.e., the level of power surge it can prevent based on the types of mailroom devices it’s connected with.

LC315 - Specifications

  • Form Factor: Tower
  • Outlets: Multiple
  • Power Monitoring: LEDs
  • Input Breaker: Yes, Resettable
  • Physical size: Small and compact

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