LO 306

Now, easily streamline your mailroom workflows with LO 306. Save enough time, enhance your productivity, and eliminate mundane tasks.

Edge to edge opening
High Speed for high-volume incoming mail
Quickly opens a range of mixed mail sizes and thicknesses

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LO 306 - Overview

Letter opener 306 is an efficient solution for offices and mailrooms needing to quickly process large volumes of mail. It comes with a small footprint, and this machine automatically opens and separates letters at high Speed. Its advanced cutting mechanism helps to minimize the risk of damage to contents. It can open almost 100 letters within 10 seconds. Along with the high-speed printer, it lets you add text to the envelope during the processing. This is ideal for industries and applicants like insurance, elections, invoice payments, and more. 

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LO 306 - Features

Before buying or renting Letter Opener 306, look at the compelling features this revolutionary office solution offers. 

  • Opens up to 40,000 letters per hour
    The LO 306 goes through envelopes very quickly. It opens up to 40,000 letters per hour, and this satisfies the overall needs of even the most significant volume of mail centers
  • High envelope loading capacity
    LO 306 boasts a high loading capacity of going through the 400 envelopes on the fly.
  • Automated Productivity
    It offers both the speed and features required in high-volume incoming mail centers. It can open 100 letters within 10 seconds, and it even includes large flats and overnights up to 1/2″ thick.
  • Integrated Envelope Printer
    The addition of a high-speed printer allows adding text to envelopes during processing. This is useful for industries and applications like insurance and government agencies.
  • High scalability
    Depending on your needs, you can easily switch from smaller to larger files.

LO 306 - Specifications

  • Length-45″ (114.3 cm)
  • Depth- 21″ (53.34 cm)
  • Height- 58″ (147.32 cm)
  • Weight -245 pounds
  • Power- 115 VAC, 60HZ, 8.5A 230 VAC, 50HZ, 5.5A
  • BTU-3338 BTU/h (115VAC) 4317 BTU/h (230VAC)
  • Speed- 40,000 envelopes/hour
  • Envelope Sizes & Types-Lengths up to 13.5″ (34.29 cm)
  • Thickness-Up to 0.50″ (1.27 cm)

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