Flexiscale 70

Easily manage your mail operations with scalable computing powers and customized features with Flexiscale 70. You can now efficiently track, sort, deliver, and optimize productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Maximizing operational efficiency
Cost-effective solutions
Quick sorting, tracking, and delivery of mail items

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Flexiscale 70 - Overview

The Flexiscale is a scalable weighing and dimensioning system for mailrooms and other shipping operations. Its modular construction allows for easy expansion or reconfiguration as per requirements. With integrated weighing and dimensioning capabilities, the Flexiscale 70 accurately captures the package details and can automate label printing and application.

It combines modernized technology with highly intuitive features to enhance mail-handling processes. Flexiscale 70 also ensures the effortless management of huge volumes of mail. Its high performance offers easy sorting, tracking, and delivery of mail items, thus boosting overall productivity.

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Flexiscale 70 - Features

Glimpse the exclusive features of Flexiscale 70, making it a superior and reliable office solution and a must-have for your mailroom.

  • Offers scalability
    Offers scalable computing power, allowing users to adjust resources without downtime, making it suitable for fluctuating workloads.
  • Enhanced performance
    Provides robust performance with 70 v CPUs and ample memory, ensuring smooth operation for demanding applications and tasks.
  • Cost savings
    This optimizes cost efficiency by enabling users to pay only for the resources they use, with no upfront investment required.
  • Flexible configuration
    Allows customization of resources to match specific workload requirements, providing versatility for diverse computing needs.

Flexiscale 70 - Specifications

  • Power Consumption – 350mA/800mA
  • Power Supply – AC Adapter, 9V DC/ AC Adapter, 12V DC
  • Interface – Full Duplex, RS-232 Male DSUB9/ RS-232C & USB
  • Dimensions – 8.8” W x 11.3” D x 3.7” H / 10.7” W x 13.39” D x 3.94” H*

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