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This is protection for all power anomalies which means less equipment errors, failures and downtime. More than just surge or filter solutions, Our CoreProtect protects from damaging power disturbances so your office equipment can not be harmed.

LC215 decreases mail room downtime due to power disturbances by protecting your equipment against all harmful power issues as well as increasing the visibility of performance with a fleet-wide management solution.

The industry’s most effective way to manage power protection for your fleet. LC315 offers the same industry-leading power protection and data capture as our SmartProtect solution. Additionally it offers real-time fleet visibility and control.

Designed for your FP Folder Inserter

Superior Support

Your business relies on its folding and inserting systems to operate efficiently and keep your business moving. These Custom Consoles are designed to provide superior support for your heavy folding and inserting systems, increasing the reliability and lifespan of your equipment.

Sleek, Modern Design

With their sleek, modern design, ample storage space and coloring to match your folder inserter, form truly meets function with the Custom Consoles. Built to perform, the Custom Consoles feature industrial wheels with locking function, allowing you to easily move your heavy equipment with no lifting involved.

Custom Sizing

The modular style of our consoles allow you to create your own configuration to fit your office space and equipment. No matter how your pair them, our Custom Consoles will provide your equipment with the sturdy support they need.

Reduce the need for service activity on mailroom equipment with our line of FP mailroom furniture solutions.

The Paper Jogger 400 aligns stacks of paper and removes static electricity buildup that can cause paper jams in copiers, folding machines, printing presses, paper cutters, and binding machines.

Non-rate-calculating scales for use with FP™ MailOne™ Software.
Capacity 30 or 70 lbs.
Interface to PC via USB connection with MailOne™ 2.0.

The ideal scale for large packages.
Capacity 70 lbs.
Interface to FP postage meters (OptiMail™ 30, UltiMail™, CentorMail™ MAX)

The 306 offers the speed and features needed in high volume incoming mail centers.

The LO 410 is a compact but highly efficient tabletop letter opener, perfect for companies that frequently process mixed inbound mail.

The Series 210 is designed with small and medium mail-opening operations in mind. Ideal for operations processing between 200 and 2000 pieces per day.

The LO 440A letter opener is the perfect solution for small to mid-size companies. Make quick work of processing mail with this efficient, automatic letter opener.

The SFS 10K Pro Pressure Sealer is a heavy duty, high-torque pressure sealer that can easily process heavy-weight forms at high speeds and volumes. The SFS 10K Pro includes a load-on-the-fly forms hopper, a counter, 36” exit conveyor, auto-pause, auto-clear, batching and more.

The SFS 8000 Pressure Sealer offers a user-friendly color touchscreen control panel, variable speed, and a high-torque motor and drive to process heavy weight forms. Additionally, the SFS 8000 features a counter, auto-pause, auto-clear, and an included exit conveyor.

The SFS 6000 is an advanced pressure sealer with variable speed, high torque motor and drive system. It features auto-pause, auto-clear, counter and an included exit conveyor. The color touchscreen control panel offers user friendly operation.

The SFS 3000c is a basic pressure sealer that can process special fold types at higher speeds and includes auto-clear, built in counter functionalities, and a load-on-the-fly forms hopper for continuous operation.

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