This avant-garde power line coordinator, FP LC115, protects your mailing equipment against all types of power disruptions.

With capabilities beyond a power filter or surge solution, this modern mailroom equipment is a must-have in your office space. It helps protect your critical equipment from erratic voltage fluctuations or power disturbances, ensuring they have a longer lifetime.

Effective voltage regulator for your office equipment
Safeguards multiple devices or equipment, from desktops to printers
Maintains significant over and under voltages

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LC115 - Overview

Make your office mailroom equipment unharmed by unpredictable power disruptions and voltage fluctuations with the help of the state-of-the-art power line conditioner, FP LC115. Safeguard everything from sensitive laptops and computers to mailing and printing devices and other specific mailing equipment with this best power conditioner. It can also eliminate the radio or electromagnetic intervention in the AC power line, which makes radios, TVs, audio devices, or any broadcast devices in your workspace or mailroom safe and constantly functioning, even in case of power disturbances.

Without any further wait, check out the features of the LC115 power line conditioner if you want to rent or purchase FP to protect your sensitive and expensive office devices.

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LC115 - Features

From controlling voltage fluctuations to stopping the devices when there is a power overload, this FP LC115 power line coordinator is the right thing you require to protect your mailroom equipment.

Prominent features that make this power line conditioner best in every way are:

  • Automated voltage stabilization
    It stabilizes and controls the incoming AC power by increasing low voltages and checking down low voltages, ensuring that the connected devices receive the power they can receive.
  • Noise filtering
    Its exclusive feature of line noise filtering to remove incoming AC power noise.
  • Prevents data loss
    By stopping your vital mailroom devices from sudden shutdown due to power issues, LC115 helps prevent vital data loss from them.
  • Extends the lifetime of devices
    Regulation of power voltages by the power conditioner protects the electrical circuit of devices and extends their average lifetime.
  • Joule rating
    Get a joule rating system in FP LC115, which allows you to set a joule rate, i.e., how much power surge it can handle depending on the usage and sensitivity of the connected devices. 

LC115 - Specifications

  • Form Factor:Tower
  • Outlets: Multiple
  • Power Monitoring: LEDs
  • Input Breaker: Yes, Resettable
  • Physical size: Small and compact

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