LO 410

Get an efficient and highly functional LO 410 to automate your mail processing. Remove the burden of mundane manual tasks and sort your emails with ease.

It can open up to 400 letters per minute
You can process a range of mixed mail sizes & thicknesses
No-cut setting is required for envelope counting

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LO 410 - Overview

The LO 410 is a high-capacity letter-processing solution for busy mailrooms and distribution centers. This powerful machine can easily handle large volumes of mail and automatically opens and separates letters at a remarkable speed. It has an intelligent content recognition system and can identify and sort documents based on present criteria, such as recipient, department, or priority level. Also, this machine offers customized settings to accommodate a range of envelope types and materials, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing the risk of jams or misfeeds.

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LO 410 - Features

  • Adding this high-grade and innovative LO 410 to your office space is the best decision as it has widespread features and offers impressive benefits to your mailroom functions.
  • Faster Payment Processing: Incoming payments are processed much more quickly to get an improved cash flow process
  • Creates Less Mess: A large capacity chip tray helps to keep the work area free of any scrap and waste
  • No More Paper Cuts: It works with milling technology, thus helping to create a smooth, soft, and feathered edge. This allows protection against painful paper cuts.
  • Effective Mail Processing: Its compact size allows it to fit easily on a desk. At the same time, its advanced milling cutter technology provides exact, edge-to-edge cutting for quick and safe extraction of inbound mail. The LO 410 produces a smooth, feathered edge to eliminate the risk of paper cuts.
  • User-Friendly Operation: LO 410 is suitable for streamlining your workflow and reducing the number of manual adjustments for faster mail processing. With its 5.5″ digital display, you can easily navigate settings and select the required work. Also, it helps reduce the time and effort operators need to spend processing inbound mail.
  • Greater security and tracking capabilities: LO 410 is a versatile machine offering quality and secured inkjet printing. This feature can be utilized for various print jobs, including receipt information, date and time stamps for audit trails, and unique sequence numbers for traceable mail.
  • Saves Time: The LO 410 is designed to automate the time-consuming task of manually opening envelopes. This letter opener is efficient, accurate, and easy to use, making it ideal for any office setting. With their short setup time and simple operation, you can manage your mailroom operations and save time and effort.

LO 410 - Specifications

  • Length – 40.3 in (1023.6 mm)
  • Depth – 16.5″ (419.1mm) or 18″ (457.2mm) with power cord
  • Height – 14.3″ (363.2mm)
  • Weight – 55 lbs (24.94 kg)
  • Speed – Up to 400 envelopes per minute (6″ envelope)
  • Envelope Sizes & Types – All sizes and types (including overnight envelopes)
  • Thickness – Up to .188 in (4.8 mm) envelope thickness Up to .188″ (4.8mm)
  • Depth of Cut – From .01”-.07” (.25mm – 1.79mm)

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