LO 440A

Upgrade your mailroom with the all-new LO 440A automatic letter opener to get rid of the tiresome task of opening envelopes one by one manually. With the ability to open up to 100 envelopes as fast as in 15 seconds, this advanced letter opener LO 440A saves time for your staff for other valuable activities.

Opens a large stack of envelopes at the fastest possible time
Efficient and stress-free operation with precision
Adjustable cutting width to avoid damaging content

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LO 440A - Overview

Get the advanced letter opener LO 440A as the perfect additional mailroom equipment for your office to enable your executives to process mail efficiently and quickly. With a remarkable speed of opening up to 25,000 letters every hour, this lets your office staff complete their mundane daily chores of handling mail swiftly in the blink of an eye.

Empower your business or office employees with this efficient state-of-the-art letter opener, LO 440A. It supports a large envelope capacity and has adjustable and self-sharpening blades that assure longevity. Since it is adaptable to different sizes and types of envelopes, it ensures quick processing and opening of huge stacks of envelopes at a time.

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LO 440A - Features

LO 44OA is a top-of-the-line letter opener capable of opening up to 100 envelopes at a time in less than 15 seconds.  If you wish to add this excellent automatic letter opener to ensure the efficiency of your mail processing tasks, look at its cutting-edge features.

  • Large and efficient input hopper: This advanced letter opener has a considerable input hopper with three belts, which allows it to adjust to mail envelopes of different sizes.
  • Vast capacity: The LO 440A can handle a large number of envelopes, up to 100, at exceptional speed, regardless of their size and thickness.
  • Adjustable size processing: With this automatic letter opener LO 440A, you do not have to sort the envelopes by size but just stack them together. The machine adjusts the envelopes, pushing their content to the edges, away from the cutting side, for seamless, damage-free cuts.
  • Selfsharpening blades: This modern letter opener is made of high-quality steel blades that are resistant to nicks from staples or clips and provide full-length cutting of envelopes with fineness! The self-sharpening blades ensure the machine’s precision-cut feature is retained while ensuring longevity.
  • Adjustable cutting width: This modern letter opener LO 440A lets you control how deeply you want the blades to cut through the envelopes without damaging the content within the envelopes.

LO 440A - Specifications

  • Maximum speed: Up to 420 envelope openings per minute (Approx 25000 per hour)
  • Maximum envelope thickness:10 mm
  • Cutting width: Variable (0.8 – 4 mm)
  • Cutting Depth:1/30″ to 1/6″ (0.6mm to 4mm)
  • Envelope feeding OL 440:With three belts
  • Opening Technology Dual rotating and self-sharpening HSS cutting blades
  • Dimensions (L/W/H):5 x 29 x 21.5 cm
  • Net weight of the letter opener:9 kg
  • Gross weight:13kg
  • Voltage:24V 2.5A
  • Power Supply: 120V / 60Hz

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